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You can go behind the scenes of Renaissance-era Rome with a stay in this 16th-century palazzo crammed with frescoes.

(Information about when it was built) Built by one of Italy’s oldest aristocratic families in 1578, and still owned by their descendents, the Costaguti Experience occupies two floors of the Costaguti palace in Rome’s Centro Storico, overlooking Piazza Mattei and the famous Fontana delle Tartarughe.

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(information about the architect, design) But visitors might be more occupied with staring at the walls rather than out of the windows, as the Rome apartment has a startling array of well-preserved works of art on display. The living room is ringed with the Zuccari brothers’ Allegories of the Months and the Seasons from 1598, while Nicola Poussin painted the work in the guest bedroom. Caravaggio’s art master, Cavaliere d’Arpino, is responsible for the 1630 ceiling fresco over the billiard table.

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(Information about how many bedrooms and any additional details.) There is even some modern art dotted about the Rome apartment, just in case anyone tires of Renaissance works.

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